We deliver expertise you can trust.

We connect companies with quality talent from around the world.



We are made up of valuable professionals with varying cultures, skills and experiences. Diversity fosters innovation and creativity, resulting in more effective problem solving and decision making.

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PSII is focused on helping our clients overcome the obstacles when expanding business to new regions. We have always put the focus of our high quality service and efficient technology second.

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Solutions to match your every need

We provide an intimate service structure that enables us to provide dedicated, live customer support.


At PSII we have effective leaders that inspire and motivate our team. They communicate the vision and foster a sense of purpose and enthusiasm within the organization.

Michael Coté
Michael Coté

President & CEO

Nicole Winter
Nicole Winter

Director Employer Services

Rafael Vargas
Rafael Vargas

Latin America Regional Director


Delivered Solutions through the years.

We leverage more than 75 years of experience with our global partners.

We deliver trusted results, transformative technology, and in-market expertise.

Our Mission

put simply,

is to make global expansion accessible to all organizations around the world, regardless of size or industry.


Core Values

The six core values at the heart of our organization are

respect, communication, customer commitment, accountability, integrity and collaboration.



PSII is committed to continually fostering a respectful workplace where every employee, client, stakeholder and supplier are treated in a dignified and respectful manner. 



Integrity is the fundamental quality that drives our organization to conduct all business interactions in an honest and transparent manner.  Our reputation depends on it.



We accept responsibility for our decisions and the respective outcomes. We take ownership of our work behavior and products. 



Effective Communication is the most valuable tool for all interactions.  We are clear and direct in our individual communication style.


Customer Commitment

We are dedicated to understanding our customer’s needs.  We are dedicated to being leaders that provide the “Best in Industry” customer support.


Teamwork & Collaboration

Working in a team environment allows employees to draw on the strengths of others. This ensures that we utilize all the resources available.