Have you ever wondered what a successful onboarding process is? Of course, we understand how attracting top-quality talent in a competitive market can be tricky. When minimizing turnovers, we’ve noticed that first impressions are crucial in the first stages. We also know how challenging it can be to streamline the onboarding process and keep up with the hiring. Unfortunately, many organizations still use outdated manual techniques that may impact your goals of driving a successful onboarding process.

When it comes to re-evaluating your onboarding process, you must ask yourself a few of these questions:

  1. How long ago was it since the company evaluated the hiring process?
  2. Are they providing a streamlined solution to effectively meet today’s workers’ demands?
  3. Why has the company yet to look into a more straightforward processing method if there is no streamlined solution? Is it cost-related? Fear of changing processes?

Once you find the answers to these questions, it’s time to review your organization’s needs to provide them with a more modern onboarding experience that will streamline your tasks and have an all-in-one platform for a more manageable system.

Below we’ll discuss the 3 tips to build a successful onboarding solution to compete in today’s competitive market.

Pre-boarding: Engage with new hires quickly

When you instantly engage with your new hires, you create excitement about having them join your company and their role. You make them feel welcomed and appreciated that they’re entering your organization.

Personalize your onboarding with personalized videos

By creating a personalized video, your new employees can see and feel the work culture they’re joining and make a personalized touch that can effectively reduce turnover. It’s always a great idea to show how much your employees and new employees mean to the company. Below is PSII’s checklist to help your company’s process be personalized and customized.

  1. Welcome your new hires with video shorts of their managers, CEO, executives and peers.
  2. Have some company footage to show the work culture and environment.
  3. Have a few explanations of the day-to-day responsibilities of team members.
  4. Provide new hires with a company overview of the policies and procedures.
  5. Provide your new hires with company swag, such as company-branded notepads and pens.
  6. Introduce them to their colleagues in various locations.

Ensure company operations are up to speed for a smoother onboard process

Did you know that losing a new hire can cost organizations about 30-50% of their annual salary? This is why ensuring that your onboarding process is streamlined and using the right tools is crucial. Using PSII’s solutions, you can personalize and customize your onboarding process to streamline your tasks. This is helpful to your business because you don’t have to worry about reconfiguring your tech stack or dealing with other third parties.

In summary, when you provide your new hires with a fast and more effortless onboarding process, you can reduce your turnovers by creating:

  • Better interactions.
  • Personalized first impressions.
  • Smoother onboarding process.

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