Professional Employment (PEO)

Professional Employment is a commonly used solution for businesses that operate temporarily, or sometimes permanently, in countries outside of their domestic market. Professional Employment assumes a significant portion of employer responsibilities and associated risk for either part or all of an organization’s foreign workforce. PSII operates as a co-employer, via agreement, to provide comprehensive payroll management, health benefits, pension and compliance support to our clients.

In the past, business owners were concerned they would lose some element of control over the workforce. This was and still is not the case. Our PEO professionals handle only the back-office administration and compliance; you manage your employees as you did the day before the PEO contract was signed.

Why choose us?

?PSII gives organizations the unique ability to combine their global workforce into a single platform, providing both visibility and transparency for our clients and their stakeholders. Our dedicated customer service model ensures that our clients work with a specialist who is familiar with their business operations and can make recommendations to suit their specific requirements.

We facilitate and administer all of your payroll needs including direct deposit, source deductions and employer contributions, yearend slip preparation, Human Capital Management, and much more. We also provide our clients with valuable insight with our detailed in-country reporting capabilities.

Benefits of PEO

Your organization benefits by having the capability to operate in new markets quickly, without having to incorporate and manage a separate subsidiary abroad.

  • Rapid, low cost entry into new markets

  • Support for Visa & Work Permit applications & sponsorship

  • Relief from the burden of incorporating in foreign jurisdictions

  • Pay in any currency, no local account required

  • Lowered cost and resource burden for employment administration

  • No accounting and tax administration in foreign jurisdictions

  • Rapid, low cost exit from existing markets

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