PSII Feat. Equifax

PSII is pleased to announce a new partnership with Canada Workforce Solutions, a specialized division of Equifax. Through the partnership, employers will have access to a powerful new income and employment verification solution, Verification ExchangeTM, which streamlines the exchange between employers and organizations needing to verify the information (verifiers), delivering unprecedented speed and confidence into the income and employment verification process. Ultimately, this service contributes to the financial wellness of Canadian consumers – your employees - by facilitating access to the credit and services they need. This new value-added service is available at no additional cost to our customers and their employees.


Until now, there has been a gap in the Canadian marketplace where verifiers, such as mortgage and auto lenders, social service agencies and pre-employment screeners, among others, require confirmation of employment and/or income as part of the application process. The element of risk and potential fraud can be high when dependent upon applicant-provided paper-based information. 


By using Verification Exchange, that risk can be significantly reduced, as verifiers with permissible purpose and consumer consent are able to verify information instantaneously twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The service eliminates the need for additional involvement by the consumer and removes the administrative burden on your HR department of producing and confirming traditional paper documentation.


Contact your PSII rep today to learn more about the Verification Exchange service and how it can help improve internal efficiency of your HR department and the employee experience by delivering a secure and automated process for income and employment verification for employees when they need it.


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