As we approach the end of the 2019, it’s time to reflect on all of the relevant subjects that have occurred throughout the year. PSII is ecstatic to communicate our company's accomplishments during 2019 and the direction that PSII is heading towards in 2020. Here are some of the highlights of our achievements: 


  • Over the past year, PSII has increased its client base by more than 50%.; 
  • Through new business partnerships and membership in the Amesto Global network, we have doubled our global reach; 
  • Solidified the permanent positions of Implementation Manager, Training Manager and Customer Success Manager; 
  • Developed a new and permanent location In Limerick, Republic of Ireland, to service our European clients.  
  • Introduced a European Payroll manager 
  • Struck new partnerships for Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with like-minded providers of payroll services; 
  • New payment partners who now give next day ACH Deposit capability in 150 Countries 


Over the past year we have been working to improve our services, capacity and technology. PSII can report that we are continuously establishing notable progress in the development of revamping and replacing all our code. PSII will be releasing updated versions of our Cloud Employer and Employee portals in January 2020. Our team at PSII would also like to convey that we are dedicated to providing resources to the development teams. 


In addition to our internal development, PSII is proceeding forward with many new additions to the employer services portal for everything from Time and Attendance to HR Admin, Benefits Enrollment and Recruiting. PSII will have many new announcements throughout 2020 so stay tuned! 


As our team resources continue to grow; our focus remains to provide our Customer Services representatives integral education and training in Human Resources Administration, Benefits Administration and Employment Law. 


PSII would like to issue a special thanks to our Clients for their loyal support during 2019. Without your support, PSII would not continue to grow. 


To our Service Partners and Channel Partners, PSII thanks you for continuing to send us new business. 


From all of us at Payroll Solutions International Inc., we wish to you and your families a safe, peaceful and joyful Holiday Season. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. 


Warmest Regards, 

Michael D Cote, President & Chief Executive Officer 

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