A Letter from the CEO


Dear Valued Customers,


Yesterday, the Government of Ontario announced an order declaring an emergency s 7.0.1 (1) of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMPCA).

In alignment with the government’s declaration of State of Emergency, PSII will be abiding by the government orders by having most of its employees work from home to reduce exposure.


PSII Management has taken the following measures to maintain the safety of our staff while continuing to service our clients:


  • Transition most of our staff to working from home.
  • Eliminate in person meetings.
  • Maintain an outdoor drop box for parcel and mail.
  • Provide regular customer service hours via phone and email.


As a valued customer, we want you to know that we understand the importance of the services we provide to you and your business. We will provide all necessary services and support remotely – support system, email, phone, etc. – while avoiding any in person contact. The health and well-being of our employees, clients, and families continue to be our number one priority.


As such, we ask all clients to be understanding of any unexpected delays in response from our team. Our team will continue to remain vigilant and up to date on the situation and responding with necessary measures as conditions evolve.


Stay safe and healthy. 



Payroll Solutions International Inc






Michael D. Coté. MBA, MSc, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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A Year End Message from our CEO

At this time year, we reflect on what has happened in the past 12 months and look to the future. Everyone has experienced challenges in 2020. The pandemic has affected a lot of people including some people close to us. We know this at our PSII family; one of our team members just lost a family member to Covid.


While we have all been trying to find new ways to get by and innovate at the same time, I think we all realize that the personal touch is missing from day-to-day interactions. Hopefully, 2021 brings a change to this situation, after a great deal of the world gets a vaccination. In the meantime, we all need to continue to remain creative.


At PSII we have been focused on automating our back-office procedures to be able to support our global clients and our global partners. We want this automation to create the client reconciliations and payment verifications as part of our move to achieving ISO 27,001. Over the next 12 months we will be focusing on the front facing part of our technology to improve our service by allowing you to do more on our systems while still accessing our premium service. We expect to move entirely to the cloud by 2022 with a brand-new version of our application being released some time in the middle of the year.


We have many exciting new partnerships which we will be introducing you to in the next 12 months, all of which will be available through our main platform and integrated through application programming interfaces. We are excited about these features and services. Our partnership with Sterling capital brokers is a game changer in the world of benefits. PSII’s payment relationship with Fleetcor/Cambridge Global Payments is the most automated foreign exchange system in the world. To this we will add many more.


Our team has been growing at PSII and we have members scattered across the globe. This will continue in the next 12 months. We see expansion of our services considerably in the next year. Our team members are world-class and have done a great job this year under very difficult circumstances.


We wish you and yours a safe and happy New Year.


On behalf of the PSII family,


Michael D Cote,

Chief Executive Officer

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