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Organizations today are looking for alternative solutions to help solve their immediate human resource problems. Like never before, your staff is your greatest asset and should be your top consideration in organizational development and planning. We can assist your organization by providing an HRIS platform or strategic partnership at a level suitable for your needs.

  • Users can access our platforms through a variety of digital devices. Simplify access for virtually any user in the enterprise and beyond to have the capabilities and functionality to access information at their convenience.

  • Our system utilizes standard web-based browsers across multiple operating systems / platforms, while operating in a centrally configured security profile for authorized access to information. By using secure Protocols, all data transmitted between the web client and the database server is fully encrypted for added security.

  • Our HR service supports real-time management reporting and analysis and includes a number of standard reports that range from employee directories to sophisticated benefit statements. Once created, these user-defined reports may be saved for future use without having to recreate them every time they are required.

For organizations who are working with an existing HRIS platform or third-party software, we can provide the desired integration for a seamless exchange of pertinent data as it relates to Payroll processing. The open architecture, and user-friendly nature of our platforms provides worry free integration without compromising on flexibility.

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